“… Larry did what an online jeweler could not: he answered all my detailed questions about diamond cut, the strength of various settings, the softness of various metals and how they look after wear. He could tell me how and when certain designs would break and why.

He also did what other jewelers would not: he shared his expertise with me freely, and with incredible patience and kindness.

My fiancé loves her ring. She says it’s exactly what she had dreamed of. At the end of it, I paid slightly more than I would have online – or about half of what I would have paid at a mall jeweler. What I got in return was Larry’s knowledge and expertise, and the peace of mind that the design is strong. I highly recommend Cleveland Jewelry Exchange.”

Bryan B.

“In the search for the perfect engagement ring, the list of options is virtually endless. This is a very overwhelming feeling when you have no prior experience buying jewelry. Needless to say I was a little overwhelmed and guarded when it came to the whole experience.

This all ended the day I was referred to The Cleveland Jewelry Exchange. The second I walked in I was greeted by Larry who actually opened the door for me. I proceeded to explain my predicament and he proceeding to not sell me but instead educate. He pulled out his 4 C’s Chart and even gave me a Diamond Loupe! He then encouraged me to go to other stores to compare quality and styles knowing that he could provide the best product for the best price.

After a couple weeks of searching I found the perfect ring and went back to see Larry. He was able to make the exact same ring with a FAR BETTER quality diamond for much less than all others. I was able to get exactly what I wanted for the budget that I was staying within. Larry single handedly made this an enjoyable experience. During the proposal the girlfriend didn’t have a choice but to say yes after showing her a ring like that! Not only will I be recommending everyone I know to Larry but I am also a customer for life!

Thanks, Larry, for everything!”

Drew M.

People Love Us

The Cleveland Jewelry Exchange is proud to be rated 5/5 stars on Yelp!

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“After my fiancé and I searched several jewelry stores for an engagement ring and promptly leaving due to lack of selection, attention and high prices I finally thought to check Yelp… I’m so glad I did. If you want to get the most bang for your buck come visit Larry he’s a great guy and provides excellent customer service. He also gave me top dollar for my old broken jewelry. Just one heads up they moved and are across the street. I love my ring!”

Mimi S.

“The Jewelry Exchange (AKA Cleveland Jewelry in Bedford) is a nice (independent?) wholesale jewelry shop located in Bedford. I only knew about them from Yelp, and the experience I had there caused me to write this review.

I’ve been married before, so I wanted to get the best bang for my buck regarding exchanging of the old rings for something new. Much to my surprise, the owner didn’t just lowball me or try to make himself rich when I asked him my questions… instead he asked where I had bought my old ring from. Since it was an independent jeweler as well, he actually advised me to go back to that guy, since no other shop would be as customer focused and I’d probably get the best value from him. I didn’t buy a ring there that day, but the customer service he exuded was beyond my expectations. I’ll probably buy my wedding bands there, simply because of the service.”

Chris P.

“Larry fixed my (not so new) tennis bracelet to perfection! He repaired it and cleaned it up and it looks brand new! I highly recommend him for your jewelry needs! Great place!”

Lisa C.

“I stopped into Cleveland Jewelry Exchange looking for an engagement ring. I met the owner, Larry, and he was great. I described what I was looking for and he helped me design he perfect ring. Custom-made baby! And the price can’t be beat. I got a bigger, better diamond from Cleveland Jewelry Exchange than I would have gotten from a Jared or Kay Jewelers. If you are in the market for custom-made jewelry at the right price, I would recommend going to see Larry at Cleveland Jewelry Exchange!”

Mike M.


“My fiancé went to Larry to get my engagement ring. He went in with a picture he found on my Pinterest and Larry told him it wouldn’t be a problem that they could make a custom ring for me! We have gone back since then to get our wedding bands and again he made a custom ring for us! Larry and Karen make you feel like family when you go in there and now know us by name. This is THE best place to go for all jewelry items. Couldn’t be more happy with everything we have bought!”

Laura T.

“I had a wonderful experience at Cleveland Jewelry Exchange. Larry was a great guy and couldn’t have been more helpful! I am extremely happy that I visited the store. It comes across that he really cares about his customers and takes time with you. The process of purchasing jewelry could not have been more pleasant. A++++ for great service, great selection, and great people. I will most definitely be going back, and this will always be my place to go for jewelry. 5 stars plus.”


“My husband and I had watched Larry’s commercials for years and always wondered what the store was like. This past Saturday was our wedding anniversary and I had a ring in mind that I wanted, so we went to check out Cleveland Jewelry Exchange. The experience was wonderful! I found a ring that was even more beautiful than what I originally wanted. Larry and Karen were so friendly and made us feel so special on our anniversary. The ring I picked out was one that they had designed and better than anything I had looked at in other stores or online. The price was great and the service is excellent. We won’t go anywhere else again!”

Liz M.

“I went to buy a watch and was impressed by the great selection and the knowledgeable staff. I got a fantastic deal. I came back and sold some gold with three co-workers. Larry (the guy with long hair on the ads) made us all happy. His assistant Karen B was a joy to deal with.”

Neil A.